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  • City of Mesa Solicitation #2019065: 15KV Metal-Clad Switchgear Lewis Substation

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    January 03, 2019
    City of Mesa Purchasing is now accepting bids/proposals for the following products/services:
    Due Date
    (3 p.m. Local Time)
    Bid/Proposal No. Title
    1/24/2019 2019065 This Request for Bid is seeking 15KV Metal Clad Switchgear Lewis Substation.
    You are receiving this notification because you are a registered vendor identified with the commodities/services outlined below:
    28030 Control Cables and Wires, Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor (Up to 600V, for use in Boiler Controls, Fire Alarms, Motors, etc.)
    28058 High Voltage Cables and Wires (601-15,000V), Solid and Stranded, Single and Multiconductor
    28514 Circuit Breakers, Load Centers, Boxes, and Panelboards
    28525 Current Collection Equipment and Accessories, Electrical
    28579 Switches, Parts and Accessories (Miscellaneous)
    28582 Transformer Equipment, Type 1 KVA and less
    28584 Transformers, Transmission Line Type
    28585 Transformers, Dry Type, For Indoor or Outdoor Applications
    28586 Transformers, Power Distribution (Including Fluid Filled, Pad and Pole Mount)
    28587 Transformers, Power, Electric Sub-Station
    28593 Wire Molding, Raceways, Accessories, and Fittings
    28595 Wiring Devices: Adapters, Caps, Connectors, Extension Cords, Fluorescent and HP Starters, Outlets, Plates and Covers, Plugs, Receptacles, Safety Cord Lock, Switches, Terminals, etc. (Incl. Recycled Electrical Products, Supplies)
    28596 Uninterruptible Power Supplies
    For further information, please access the City of Mesa Purchasing’s website at: https://www.mesaaz.gov/Home/Components/RFP/RFP/2485/2609
    Thank you,
    Evan Karl | Purchasing
    Procurement Specialist  
    City of Mesa | PO Box 1466, Mesa, AZ 85211-1466
    480.644.2356 |  Evan.Karl@MesaAZ.Gov