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  • City of Mesa Solicitation #2019132: Playground and Park Equipment

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    March 05, 2019
    City of Mesa Purchasing is now accepting bids/proposals for the following products/services:
    Due Date
    (3 p.m. Local Time)
    Bid/Proposal No. Title
    3/21/2019 2019132 This Request for Bid is seeking Playground and Park Equipment.
    You are receiving this notification because you are a registered vendor identified with the commodities/services outlined below:
    65006 Benches, Park (Including Bus Stop Benches)
    65012 Climbers, Playground
    65018 Combination Sets, Playground
    65024 Grill and Park Stoves, Outdoor
    65036 Picnic Tables
    65038 Playground Equipment (Not Otherwise Classified)
    65048 Recycled Recreational and Park Equipment
    65050 Safety Surfaces, Playground
    65054 Seesaws, Playground
    65060 Slides, Playground
    80510 Athletic Benches
    80517 Athletic Field Markers, Goal Posts, Bases, Goals, etc. (Including Athletic Field Striping Machines)
    93165 Park, Playground, and Swimming Pool Equipment Maintenance and Repair
    98161 Recreational, Park, Picnic and Playground Equipment and Accessories Rental or Lease
    For further information, please access the City of Mesa Purchasing’s website at: https://www.mesaaz.gov/Home/Components/RFP/RFP/2533/2609
    Evan Karl , Procurement Specialist