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  • McSally Applauds Senate Passage of USMCA

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    January 20, 2020
    U.S. SENATE – U.S. Senator Martha McSally (R-AZ) today praised passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement in the U.S. Senate. The agreement now heads to the president’s desk for his signature. Mexico has already ratified the USMCA, and the agreement will go into effect once Canada approves the finalized agreement.
    “Good news for Arizona’s workers, farmers, ranchers, and businesses is finally on its way,” said McSally. “For over a year, I have advocated tirelessly to get USMCA to the president’s desk. I have met with hundreds of employees and local businesses to hear how their livelihoods will only be improved with the passage of USMCA and the opportunities it will bring.
    “Arizona’s economy is heavily reliant on cross-border commerce with Mexico and Canada. It sustains more than 228,000 Arizona jobs and over $9 billion in exports to our neighbors. This trade agreement will harness job growth and spur economic activity by modernizing the antiquated guidelines stifling greater and wide-ranging opportunities for cross-border commerce.
    “I look forward to the president signing the agreement and its enactment, so that Arizonans can finally operate under a trade agreement that has their best interest in mind,” concluded McSally.
    Download video of McSally HERE.
    Arizona’s Overwhelming Support for USMCA
    Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry President and CEO Glenn Hamer: “On behalf of job creators across the state, the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry thanks Sen. McSally for her vote to adopt the USMCA, which ensures North America’s position as the globe’s most competitive trade bloc. Sen. McSally’s vocal and sustained leadership to maintain tariff-free cross-border trade and to ensure that the new agreement did not diminish important Arizona industries like the fresh produce industry, have been critical. We thank her for her support of USMCA and the more than 200,000 Arizona jobs that depend on trade with Canada and Mexico.”
    Allison Gilbreath, Executive Director, Arizona Manufacturers Council: Arizona’s manufacturers are grateful to Sen. McSally and her colleagues in the Senate for today’s adoption of USMCA. The North American manufacturing supply chain is so deeply integrated across borders that maintaining tariff-free trade is essential to ensuring and enhancing the sector’s competitiveness. Thanks to Sen. McSally’s efforts to pass USMCA and her longstanding support for free trade, Arizona and its manufacturers are extremely well positioned to add jobs thanks to this new agreement. The USMCA, along with our proximity to Mexico, our leading business environment, our top universities and more are just a few reasons why Arizona manufacturing is in growth mode.”
    Chris Camacho, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Economic Council: “The Senate voting to ratify the USMCA is a bold move that enhances free, fair and reciprocal trade for Arizona. We are thankful for the strong leadership from the Administration and the Arizona delegation on this agreement. Over the past two years we have worked closely with the Arizona District Export Council, Chambers of Commerce and other partner organizations to highlight the importance of this trade agreement. The USMCA builds on market access that was created 25 years ago and further bolsters trade for businesses across several industries that are vital to the Arizona economy.” 
    Douglas Nicholls, Mayor of Yuma: “The passage of the USMCA agreement is critical to productive and efficient trade with Mexico and Canada for the greater Yuma area. Senator McSally’s persistence in the passage of the trade agreement benefits all Arizonans.”
    John Giles, Mayor of Mesa: “The passage of USMCA is not only a much-needed update to an outdated trade pact; it represents Arizona’s pathway into a global economy. Over 200,000 Arizona jobs depend on trade with Mexico and Canada and that is only the start. At Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, the SkyBridge project is an unprecedented partnership between the US and Mexico, but it needs the successful passage of USMCA to flourish and create the thousands of high-wage jobs. Thank you to Senator McSally for her leadership on this issue.”
    Todd Sanders, President and CEO, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce: “Passage of this critical bipartisan trade agreement ensures that Arizona remains globally competitive
    in today’s rapidly changing economic landscape. Finalizing the USMCA showcases our country’s commitment to thriving economic relationships with our neighbors. I am grateful to those members of Arizona’s congressional delegation that supported the USMCA and continually fought for its passage.”
    Sally Harrison, President and CEO, Mesa Chamber of Commerce: “Arizona’s economic relationship with Mexico and Canada has never been more important. It is true for Mesa’s businesses and economy as well. We are grateful to Senator McSally for her tireless efforts to make sure USMCA solidifies the future economic opportunities for our communities.”
    Julie Engel, President and CEO, Greater Yuma Economic Development Corporation: “So many people and moving parts brought this monumental trade agreement to fruition. This agreement will strengthen not only Arizona’s, but all of North America's position and continue the strong partnership we enjoy with our neighbors.  I want to thank Senator McSally and all of Arizona's legislative leaders for their unwavering support for this agreement.”
    Julie Pastrick, President/CEO, Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce: “The passage of this significant trade agreement cannot be underscored, which will mean jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs not just for Northern Arizona, but for all of Arizona and the nation. This will greatly enhance our trade with both Mexico and Canada, and bring new industry to the state. A huge thank you to Senator Martha McSally for her steadfast backing throughout this entire process.”
    Jaime Chamberlain, Chairman of the Greater Nogales Santa Cruz County Port Authority: “I am excited to hear that the next critical step for the USMCA has taken place.  Many companies in the Ambos Nogales area have been holding off on making investment decisions until the agreement was finalized.  With this news, we hope to see new investment, more jobs and continued growth for our binational community.  With Mexico and the US done, it is now up to Canada to close the three-way connection and therefore help us move North America towards renewed growth at the start of a new decade and a new era for trade.  Our community and our businesses will greatly benefit from this new agreement.” 
    Bruce Bracker, Santa Cruz County Supervisor: “I want to thank our Senators McSally and Sinema for playing such a critical role in getting the US Senate to approve the USMCA. This 21st century agreement sets the ground rules for companies to invest in all three of the signatory countries.  For Santa Cruz County, trade is a critical component of our economy and the foundation for thousands of jobs.  The original NAFTA played a significant role in fostering the trade relationship but with USMCA we set a new global standard that further sets North American apart from all global competitors, and Santa Cruz County and Arizona stand to be among the biggest beneficiaries of this agreement.”
    Stefanie Smallhouse, Arizona Farm Bureau President: “The United States Mexico Trade Agreement (USMCA) is crucial for the future of agriculture in the state of Arizona. Canada and Mexico are Arizona’s top trading partners totaling an annual value of $1.7 billion in agriculture exports including: dairy, beef, fruits, vegetables, wheat, and pork. The Arizona Farm Bureau thanks the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate for passing this monumental trade agreement. The agriculture industry is already having tough times and this trade agreement will bring some relief to Arizona agriculture producers as well as pave the way for new opportunities in the future. Thank you to Senator McSally for her leadership on this issue.”
    Miguel Bravo, Chairman of the Board, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce: "As a border state with significant trade partnerships with Mexico, passage of the USMCA is an important economic driver for our state. This agreement ensures Arizona’s corporate and small businesses will continue to grow and thrive as a result of more fair and free trade."
    Amber Smith, President & CEO, Tucson Metro Chamber: “Passage of the USMCA trade agreement is critical to industry across Southern Arizona. The trade and relationships we have with Mexico is the lifeblood of Southern Arizona, and with this deal in place, there will be additional trade and business opportunities across all of Arizona. We look forward to the tremendous economic impact and growth this will have for the U.S., Mexico and Canada. The Tucson Metro Chamber has been an enthusiastic supporter of USMCA, and we are especially thankful for the leadership of Senator McSally in seeing this through.”
    Sintra Hoffman, WESTMARC President and CEO: “WESTMARC continues to be a great supporter of the USMCA as this legislation strengthens our local economy and business with our largest trading partners, Arizona, Mexico and Canada.  The manufacturing industry is booming in the West Valley due to our proximity to these international markets and the Greater Maricopa Foreign Trade Zone serving this region.  On the heels of its passage, WESTMARC is thrilled to see this bi-partisan solution cross the goal line. Thank you to Senator McSally for her leadership on getting this passed.”
    Anne Gill, President & CEO, Tempe Chamber of Commerce: “The passing of the USMCA will allow Tempe and Arizona businesses to grow their exports to Mexico and Canada. We appreciate Senator Martha McSally’s strong support of this trade agreement that will promote economic growth in our community and allow our businesses to prosper.”
    John Courtis, Executive Director, Yuma County Chamber of Commerce: “While the future of successful, profitable trade in North America is now secure, we need to celebrate the success of the passage of the USMCA in Arizona, especially SW Arizona. Agriculture in Yuma County is twice as important than wine is to the Napa Valley, and the Agricultural industry does not see a border. They see opportunity in both countries, as well as our manufacturing and hospitality partners. The Yuma County Chamber of Commerce applauds Congress for getting this important deal done. We are grateful."
    On October 29, McSally penned an op-ed the Arizona Republic, urging the House to send the trade deal to the Senate.
    On October 23, McSally (R-AZ) spoke on the floor of the U.S. Senate to call for the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.
    On October 3, McSally visited Caterpillar, Inc. Tucson Proving Grounds alongside Vice President Mike Pence and Governor Doug Ducey to urge passage of USMCA.
    : Amy Lawrence