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    Mesachamber.org Banner Ad: Top of Website: 3 Month

    Picture of Mesachamber.org Banner Ad: Top of Website: 3 Month
    Promote your business to tens of thousands of unique visitors each year.

    Smart Promotion
    Placing an ad on the MesaChamber.org website is a great way to build brand, share sales information or inform visitors of information you want them to have.

    • Gain access to tens of thousands of unique visitors to the Mesa Chamber website
    • Receive unlimited impressions of your ad for 3 months
    • This ad appears on EVERY page of the Chamber website, meaning you reach your target audience visiting the Calendar, the Directory and every other mesaChamber.org web page.

     About this ad:
    This banner would be located at the top of the Mesa Chamber Website, shown here inside the red box:

    • Banner size is 728x90 pixels, appear in rotation in the TOP right of the Chamber website.
    • All ads should be at least 72dpi
    • Sizes as specifi ed in page details.
    • File formats accepted: .jpg, .png. .pdf .gig
    • Due Dates for creative determined at Time of Purchase.

    Additional Requirements

    • Client is responsible for designing Ad copy.
    • Client must be an active Chamber member with current dues paid at the time of order.

    Additional Information

    • Banner rotates in formation will all other banner's purchased for that location.
    • Performance will vary based on the number of Banners in rotation at an given time.
    • Banner receives unlimited impressions during the showing period.
    Follow Up
    On completion of your purchase, the Chamber Director of Communications will reach out to you to confirm timelines and eligebility.