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  • Mesa Culinary Champions - Unphogettable

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    For our second food vlog reviewing Mesa Culinary Champions, we visited Vietnamese restaurant “Unphogettable” located in Mekong Plaza on Dobson Road just south of Main Street.  I had the pleasure of representing the City of Mesa at the grand opening of Mekong Plaza in 2008 which was attended by thousands of visitors that day.  After the ribbon-cutting, the VIP guests were whisked into Unphogettable that day for what turned out to be a totally new food experience for me.  I had never tried Vietnamese cuisine before Owner Chan Tieu took me under his wing that day and subsequently has led me through my exploration of the multiple variations on Vietnamese food.   There are many regional specialties on the menu at Unphogettable.  Some show French cuisine influence and others of surrounding countries.

    Pho is a wonderful fragrant soup that can be an addicting experience and diners can try many different options.   I think it gives chicken noodle soup a run for its money for those who are under the weather.

    At our visit today we started off with tasty appetizers of Cha Gio which are fried egg rolls and my personal favorite Goi Cuon which are soft spring rolls with shrimp served with a peanut sauce.

    One of my companions chose the pho soup, which comes with all the usual ingredients to add into it (both to cool the soup to eat and to provide more flavor and textures).  The other picked Com Ga Nuong which is steamed rice with seasoned chicken breast.  I love the seasoning used on the chicken in this dish and I know my companion enjoyed it.

    Since it was a hot summer day I ate one of the rice vermicelli salads which are cool (and healthy).  My salad entrée today was Bun Gha Nuong, which along with pickles, lettuce, cucumber, bean sprouts and carrots had that wonderful seasoned chicken breast.

    Since its opening, Unphogettable has developed a large and loyal customer base.  Even on a scorching July day, the dining room was packed at lunch time.   Many other reviewers have praised this restaurant gem.  Did I mention they are a longtime Mesa Chamber member?

    You cannot go wrong with any dining choice here.  I would, however, post a warning for those who want to try the wonderful Vietnamese coffee served here.  This is turbo-charged.  My friends and co-workers will verify that they have had to pry me off the ceiling after I imbibe this beverage.  It is very good you will be in expresso mode after drinking it.

    I hope you enjoy your visit at Unphogettable, one of my favorite Mesa restaurants!

    Mesa Culinary Champions is a blog of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce, hosted by former Mesa City Councilman and Attorney Dennis Kavanaugh. Each month, Dennis and Chamber CEO Sally Harrison visit a chamber member restaurant, and share their experience through the blog.
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