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    Arizona 2018 Local Elections: What They Mean to You

    Many of the local races throughout the Valley and Arizona were predetermined heading into Tuesday’s election. Races in Chandler, Mesa, Glendale and Peoria had few to no challengers. Below is a list of the notable contested races throughout Arizona’s local governments.

    Mayor Jeff Serdy won reelection. Incumbents Councilmember Gail Evans and Councilmember Christa Rizzi both won reelection. However, newcomer Robert Schroeder won the third open seat on the Council.

    Councilmember Tina Conde won reelection for her council seat in Avondale.

    Buckeye City Council won’t change. All three incumbents, Patrick HagEstad from Districts 4, Craig Heustis from District 5 and Vice Mayor Eric Osborn from District 6 ran unopposed.

    In Casa Grande, Mayor Craig McFarland ran unopposed and won reelection. Two incumbents Councilmember Dick Powell and Mayor pro tempore Matt Herman both won reelection, while newcomer Bob Huddleston won the third open seat.

    While the mayoral race was predetermined, six candidates were seeking three seats in Chandler. The two incumbents, Rene Lopez and Terry Roe, easily won their seats. Former councilmember Matt Orlando and Matt Eberle will face a recount with less than one percent between the two candidates looking to fill the seat vacated by Nora Ellen.

    Mayor Jon Thompson ran unopposed and won reelection. Councilmember Tatiana Murrieta won reelection. Newcomers Benjamin Navarro and Kevin Todd won the two remaining Council seats. However, there will likely be a vote recount.

    In a surprise upset, Valley Metro Public Outreach Coordinator, Alexis Hermosillo defeated incumbent Lana Mook for the contested El Mirage mayoral race.

    Eloy Mayor Joel Belloc won reelection. Councilmembers Jose Garcia and Andrew Rodriguez both won reelection to the Council. Newcomer George Reuter won the third open seat.

    Incumbent Councilmember John Anderson won reelection. Newcomer Michelle Cordes and Judy Hughes won the two remaining Councils seats.

    Former Councilmember Ginny Dickey prevailed in the Fountain Hills mayoral race easily beating Cecil Yates. The council in Fountain Hills will look very different next year with three new councilmembers in Alan Magazine, Mike Scharnow, and David Spelich.

    The Town of Gilbert elected three of the incumbents back to their seats in Tuesday’s election. Eddie Cook, Brigette Peterson, and Jordan Ray won reelection. Lobbyist Aimee Rigler won the open seat on the council by a notable margin.

    In Glendale, the Council will also remain unchanged. With the three incumbents keeping their seats, Vice Mayor Lauren Tolmachoff, Councilmember Bart Turner and Councilmember Jamie Aldama will all be back to serve another term.

    In Litchfield Park, Mayor Thomas Schoaf ran unopposed for Mayor, guaranteeing him another term. Two new members will be joining the Council, Tom Rosztoczy and Lisa Watson Brainard. Incumbent Paul Faith won reelection on Council.

    Incumbent Councilmember Wade Henry won reelection. Newcomers Rich Vitiello and Vincent Manfredi won the two remaining Council seats.

    Like Gilbert, Mesa voters retained three of the four councilmember reelecting David Luna, Kevin Thompson (unopposed), and Francisco Heredia. Candidates Jake Brown and Jen Duff are tied with the exact same number of votes triggering a recount in District 4.

    Mayor Cathy Carlat retained her post as Mayor of Peoria, running unopposed. The Palo Verde District reelected Michael Finn who also ran unopposed. Incumbent Vicki Hunt retained her seat in the Acacia District, beating out two other opponents. Carlo Leone, another incumbent won his reelection, handily beating out the competition.

    Phoenicians didn’t have any Council elections but they did vote to pass all six ballot measures. Five were amending the city charter, which included consolidating elections so that they coincide with state and county elections. The other measure was a franchise agreement between Southwest Gas and Phoenix.

    In the Town of Queen Creek, Mayor Gail Barney ran unopposed and solidified his seat as Queen Creek Mayor. The three incumbents, Councilmember Emilena Turley, Councilmember Julia Wheatly and Councilmember Dawn Oliphant all ran unopposed and won reelection.

    Five District Council spots were open in Surprise, with many incumbents trying to keep their seats. In District 1, James Cunningham ousted the incumbent, Roland Winters Jr. Incumbents from Districts 2,3 and 5 kept their seats, while incumbent Todd Tande lost his reelection bid to Chris Judd.

    For a full percentage breakdown of each office and ballot measure, please follow the link below.
    Maricopa County Election Results
    Pinal County Election Results
    Should you have any questions about these or other races around the State of Arizona, please contact Dorn Policy Group at (602) 606-4667.
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