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  • Guest Post: Dorn Policy Group: Arizona Introduces "Skinny Budget"

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    Good evening,
    The Arizona House of Representatives introduced what is being called a “skinny budget” this afternoon. The introduced budget is basically a continuing resolution of current expenditure levels. This is designed for quick passage and to allow state agencies to operate into the next fiscal year, which begins on July 1, 2020.
    • A 2% inflator for K-12 education
    • Shifts $64,100,000 from the classroom site fund to basic state aid 
    • Prop 204 expenditures are not counted against county expenditure limitations
    • DHS to pay for domestic violence prevention and cost effective client study services
    • Appropriates the following for Arizona’s universities:
    1.  Arizona State University                        $28,386,400
    2.  Northern Arizona University                $7,798,100
    3.  University of Arizona                             $16,483,100
    The House also suspended its rules to allow for the budget to move quickly through the legislative process. In addition, lawmakers suspended the rules to allow for two lawmakers to vote remotely. It is expected that the House will pass the “skinny budget” tomorrow morning and move several more necessary bills before suspending its work. 
    The Senate will go into floor work tomorrow at 1:30pm. They will take up the bills passed by the House, move outstanding necessary legislation and likely recess for two weeks to several months as COVID-19 cases peak and fall. 
    As always, please contact us with any questions.
    Thank you,

    Carly Daniels
    Dorn Policy Group

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