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  • Inaugural Air Force Pitch Day

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    The following message was originally sent by the Pentagon, from the scretary of the Air Force's Office.

    Attached is an open invitation for your constituents to participate in the
    Inaugural Air Force Pitch Day.  Pitch Days are new fast tracks for startups
    to work with the Air Force.  Modeled after commercial investment pitch
    competitions, our goal is to award up to $40 million on startups using
    one-day, one-page contracts.  These awards use convenient credit card
    payments - we want partnering with the Air Force to be easy and energizing!
    The Inaugural Pitch Day topics can be found at the following links.  Small
    Businesses are encouraged to familiarize themselves now on the topics.
    Information for the three Pitch Day areas are found at the following
    - Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence and Network -
    Point of Contact: James Broadwell / 781-225-2787 /
    - Battlefield Air Operations Family of Systems Technologies -
    Point of Contact: Gordon Broadbent / 937-623-7107 /
    - Digital Technology -
    Point of Contact: Dave Setser / 781-225-5098 / david.setser@us.af.mil
    The following are significant dates for the Air Force Pitch Day:
    - 29 November 2018: Pitch Day topics posted to the links above
    - 4 January 2019: Pitch Day Q&A Session on Zoom
    - 8 January 2019: Interested businesses may submit their proposals and short
    pitch decks for evaluation
    - 6 February 2019: Broad Area Announcement CLOSES; all proposals and pitch
    decks due for evaluation at 8pm EST
    - 15 February 2019: Air Force invite most promising companies to pitch live
    at the Inaugural Pitch Day
    - 6-7 March 2019: Inaugural Air Force Pitch Day Event in New York City, New
    The Air Force Pitch Day Event will be held on 6-7 March 2019 in New York
    City, New York. 
    Interested companies should direct all questions and comments to points of
    contact found in the attachment and on each topic listed above.
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