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  • Mesa Fire Prevention Division Update

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    The Fire Prevention Division of Mesa Fire and Medical manages the duty of conducting mandated fire inspections per Arizona State Statutes (R4-36-201) and the adopted Mesa Fire Code (Mesa Ordinance 4789).  Fire inspection is a part of contemporary Community Risk Reduction/Mitigation efforts currently being undertaken nationwide both proactively and post critical incident in a community.  Mesa Fire Prevention Division conducts fire inspections in our city and references United States Fire Administration annual statistics on fire in America and the National Fire Protection Association standard entitled Organization and Deployment of Fire Prevention Inspection and Code Enforcement, Plan Review, Investigation, and Public Education Operations.  That standard sets three classes of inspection and their associated frequency for safety. 

    They are:
    High Risk with annual inspection frequency.  Fee is $255 and $459 over 12,000 square feet
    Moderate Risk with biennial frequency.  Fee is $153
    Low Risk with triennial frequency.  Small office, mercantile small barber/beauty shops

    Since January 8, 2007 there has been a fee for inspections (Mesa Resolution 8894) in High and Medium Risk.
    We currently conduct inspections in High Risk occupancies such as apartment and condominium complexes, hotels, assembly occupancies hospitals, and industrial occupancies on an annual basis.

    Medium Risk occupancies such as small assemblies, factory without special process, smaller mercantile and business occupancies are conducted biennially.
    Low Risk were done with a voluntary self-inspection program and generous volunteers with oversight from the Assistant Fire Marshal.

    Beginning in July 2018, Low Risk business owners and occupants can begin to expect visits from your district fire inspector.  Low Risk fire inspections will be done every three years and the associated fee will be $153.  As with High and Medium Risk occupancies, Low Risk will get a complete fire inspection which may reveal unknown fire code violations and dangerous conditions. Education on best practices, any mitigation of any code violation will be provided by our certified fire inspectors.  A completed fire inspection report illustrating no fire code violations will be provide for your records or to supply to your insurance carrier. Together, we will be doing our best in the great City of Mesa to complete our mandatory duty to ensure safety will the appropriate formal documentation for the record. 

    Working with the business community we hope to make Mesa a more fire safe conscious community for all.

    For additional information and support, visit the Mesa Fire and Medical Website home page at : http://www.mesaaz.gov/residents/fire-medical