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  • On this day in 1921 . . .

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    On this day in 1921, members of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce and the newly founded Mesa Rotary Club released a statement of confidence in Mesa's banks. Over time, the average number of depositors had eroded, a crop of cotton had not sold as expected and there was growing concern of financial collapse. The message, posted below, served to buoy support for Mesa's financial industry and helped keep all of Mesa's banks open and operating to the public.

    Today, Gateway Bank serves as Mesa's only community bank and has been instrumental through the pandemic as well as the many financial programs that have been helping keep businesses open and community members employed.

    Thank you to Dilworth Brinton Jr. for the background information on the event. Thank you to Theresa DiBona for the transcription of the original statement and signatories. As our documents were a bit fuzzy, please do not hesitate to send us any corrections, especially in regards to the signatories, and we will update the post.

    "There has been a heavy drain upon the resources of the world.  Our country has suffered, but our country is sound financially. In the Salt River Valley our resources are enormous. The failure to sell the large cotton crop grown here in no way spells failure for our community. These crops will be sold within a few months and the financial strain be entirely lifted. There would exist a very different situation had there been a crop failure with no means of recovery.

    This is a time when  it is necessary for the citizens of Mesa and Maricopa County to show their worth and loyalty. Our banking institutions are the backbone of our commercial life. The Mesa banks are strong financially. The men back of them are the strongest of the community. They will not let their banks fail. Our banks have enormous reserves of cash and have the strong backing of their affiliations. The Federal Reserve  system means the backing of the United Sates Government. This strong banking structure will bear our burden securely. However, it must be realized that any community can embarrass it financial and credit structure  by a widespread withdrawal of funds from the banks. If the citizens of Mesa withdraw their funds, they will not break the banks, but they will cripple our credit and our town.

    We the undersigned, have every confidence  in our ability to meet this situation. We are to a large extend the largest depositors in the Mesa Banks. We each of us pledge ourselves to leave our hands in our local banks and to carry on our business in its normal way, irrespective of what action  unthinking  or misguided citizens may take. We condemn the action of any citizen who willing , selfishly or unthinkingly does any act which would tend to bring down on our community the distress which would certainly result if citizens generally should withdraw their funds from the banks.

    We are Banking Every day Every Dollar We Take in
    We Have Faith in the Banks of Mesa"

    D.H. Kleinman, Mayor
    Foxworth Burk Lumber Co.
    Harvey G. Bush
    W.H. Walters
    W.L .Samuels & Son
    Dan F. Collett
    Fred Maier
    E.P .Grover
    Everybody’s Drug Co.
    Toggery Dry Goods Co.
    H. A. Gray
    J.C. Higgins
    Sam Hall
    G.W. Brown
    Mesa Fruit Market
    Sam Cohen
    Louis Sutopoulos
    R.E. Riviera
    Walter N, Suginnato
    WM. Gollaner
    F.J. Saeger
    I.C. Davis
    Mesa Laundry
    The White House
    C.E. Roberson Dry Goods Store
    Coffee Cup Café,  by Lucy Wells
    D.L. Davis
    Dyke Walton
    Chas. D. Quan
    Pacific Motor Co.
    G. C. Spilsbury
    G. H. Wilbur
    John Cummard
    H.L. Chandler
    S.Z. Earle
    Dan Hibbert
    B.P. Newman
    C. R. Trickey Store
    Marquis Rice
    Chas. M. Johnson
    W.A,. LeBaron
    J.V. Guthrie
    Arizona Land Co,
    J.W. LeSueur
    C.S. Steward
    LeSueur Grocery Co.
    C.C. Jarrett Co.
    J.D. Robertson
    Vance Bros.
    The O. S. Stapley Co.
    J.C. Penney Co.
    Mrs. G. H. Vance Flanders
    Herman Stein
    Frank E. Miller
    Johnson Pearce Produce Co.
    Mesa Seed And Feed Co.
    By E.E.. Quick
    South Side Garage
    Smith Bros. Welding Works
    Frank Riggs
    Mesa Auto Top Co.
    By W.G. Reed
    E.A. Cason
    J. W. Marcy Est.
    Mesa Service Station
    Sam L. Williams
    Lynn Johnson
    Peter Mehas
    Gust Gatsemhhas
    Sam Ronis
    The Mesa O.K. Meat Market
    A & B Case Grocery, By C. Fred Brackett
    A & B Market, By E. B. Turman
    Union Auto Transportation Co.
    Guy W. Nichols
    W. G. Brundage
    Stewart Cash Grocery Co,, By L. E. Stewart
    Louis Groshler
    H.M. Hall
    M.V. Blakely
    J.A. Nesbitt
    F.P. Drew & Sons Lumber Co., By Cecil L. Drew
    W.B. Stewart Real  Estate
    Mesa Racket Store
    Cluff Drug Co.
    H. J. McQueen
    L.J. Banden
    American Railway Express Co.
    H.C. Holcomb Agt.
    C.A .Cave
    The Steele Grocery Co,
    Hough & Daniels
    D.C. Babbitt
    J.P. Ivers
    Mesa Daily Tribune
    Mesa Mail Publishing Company
    Henry D. Ross Jr.
    M.L. Gibbons
    J.D. Haldstead LDS Co.
    L.A. Cross
    John W. Connolly
    J. W. Farmhand
    T.J. Corn of Singer Sewing Machine Co.
    South Side Gas & Electric Co. By H.L. Chandler, Gen. Mgr.
    E.C. Corbell
    Algodon,  Farms Co., By John Cummard
    Racine Rubber Co.
    Mesa Ford Agency, By Wm. M. Trimble
    C.B. Flynn
    The Mountain States Telephone Co.
    Herbert N. Bradstreet
    Arizona Tire Co.
    Rollin Walker
    Gov. H. Phelps
    Dr. J.B. Arnold
    C.A. Trinkle
    Jack’s Service Station By J. Weis
    George D. Gates
    C.T. LeSueur

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