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  • Streamline Job Posting Design

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        As a potential employer you want to put your best foot forward in order to attract the best possible people. There are several ways to make your job postings more attractive to potential employees and sell them on your business before they have even met you. In today’s competitive hiring market any advantage can lead to a better job-hunt and a better employee.
        Design is a huge piece of job postings that is often overlooked. Features like format, color, layout and spacing can dissuade or persuade potential employees. A large block of text may not be the best way to represent your business and its needs. A bulleted list or a graphic can help people to find your posting and read it succinctly.
        Once your design is hammered down make sure to include all the relevant information. Employers have no way of knowing which piece of information might persuade that ideal employee to send in their application.  Make sure to include all the qualifications, perks, pay, and responsibilities in order to ensure transparency.
    Now that the content of the post is complete, employers need to present their business and job well to potential employees. It’s important to make a job posting searchable by using common phrases and names for positions. Additionally, applying for the job should be quick and painless. Potential employees might see a more intensive applications process and decide to spend their time elsewhere. Lastly, make sure you’ve represented the personality of your business.
        When your job posting is polished and ready then head over to the Mesa Chamber job postings page to find your next great employee. Find the page here: http://www.mesachamber.org/jobs/   
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