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  • Bookkeeper/Accountant

    East Valley Children's Theatre
    Job Description
    (Volunteer position that could lead to a part-time paid position)
    The Bookkeeper/Accountant would be in charge of all data entry of finances, creating monthly reports as needed for the Board of Directors, and reconciling all of the financial accounts at East Valley Children’s Theatre.  In addition, this person would fill out and file our annual tax return, unless they would not feel comfortable doing so, in which case they would prepare the tax information in a timely manner for a Non-Profit Knowledgeable CPA.  The Board Treasurer will continue to write checks for bills and pay staff, as well as make deposits of cash and checks for the Theatre.
    Purpose and Impact:
    A Bookkeeper/Accountant is necessary for our organization, in order to make sure our finances are in order and all Board Members and staff have the necessary information on the Theatre’s finances. This role is critical to our organizational sustainability in developing a sound foundation and accurate records of our finances.  
    Scope of Work:
    This individual would reconcile the bank statement, enter data into Quickbooks by category, create necessary reports to the Board of Directors, with the assistance of the Artistic Director and maintain a monthly and yearly budget for the organization.  Additional duties would include:  preparing all necessary tax forms for our employees and contracted workers, preparing our finances for a CPA to prepare or prepare them his/herself, oversee all expenditures and revenues, and chair the finance committee that would include the Board Treasurer.
    Skills and Attributes:
    EVCT is looking for someone who has worked as a bookkeeper or accountant or has knowledge of accounting procedures. It is essential for this individual to have knowledge of Quickbooks and helpful if they would know about Non-profit tax procedures and regulations.  We would expect this person to be honest and show integrity and confidentiality in all of the work with the Theatre’s Finances.
    The job would last for one season at the EVCT (12 months), working 8-10 hours per week in order to keep financial records as current as possible. 
    Work Environment:
    The Bookkeeper would work with our Office/Business Manager and Board Treasurer.  If needed, the Bookkeeper might be able to work remotely.
    Work Space:
    Work could take place on-site or off-site (with approval of the board) with flexible hours, as long as finance records are kept current.  If working in the EVCT Office, a finance computer, printer, software and files necessary, desk and chair and would be available during daytime hours between 9 am and 5 pm.
    Our office location offers abundant free parking, and is conveniently located on bus lines, with direct connections to the light rail and the Superstition Springs Transit Center. Our office is ADA accessible.
    The theatre would offer theatre tickets, backstage tour tickets, and discounted classes, as well as a great addition to any resume. 
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