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  • Producer

    East Valley Children's Theatre
    Job Description
    (Volunteer Position)
    The Producer would oversee all aspects of a production, lead meetings, coordinate staff, act as liaison between Mesa Arts Center and EVCT, and be #1 head honcho in making sure production runs smoothly.
    Purpose and Impact:
    The Producer must make sure all aspects of the production run smoothly and there is clear communications between all parties involved.  Each production provides a forum for creating confidence, gaining self-esteem, developing characters and building life-skills necessary to achieve success and fulfillment for all parties involved. 
    Scope of Work:
    The Producer would (1) oversee all jobs being done for the production; (2) facilitate, plan and schedule all meetings, rehearsals and set building; (3) be a problem solver to help with any production issues that arise; and (4) must be available and in attendance to facilitate all performances, load in and strike.
    Skills & Attributes: 
    EVCT’s Producer needs to have good communication skills, be highly organized and work well with people. A theatre background is preferred.  The work schedule has some flexibility but does require meeting deadlines.  The ability to adapt, regroup, change and redo is a quality that would be a great asset in this position.  
    Timeframe/Schedule, Length of Time, When:
    The Producer at EVCT would be needed for the following times and duration:  2-3 months, 4 times a year during the following months -- Aug-Oct, Oct-Dec, Dec-Feb, April-June.  The job itself has a variable schedule.  Producer can work from home on some projects, but would need to have transportation to EVCT, Mesa Arts Center (MAC), MAC Shop and Meetings.
    Work Environment:
    Producer would work with highly experienced and skilled theatre professionals including the award winning Producing Artistic Director at EVCT.  It is a vibrant, energetic place to work with opportunities for meeting creative, dedicated people.
    Work Space:
    The Producer would have use of the theatre phone, computer, list of production duties, contact information for the people at Mesa Arts Center and MAC shop who can assist.  Locations involved in the duties would include EVCT, MAC, MAC shop, and other possible locations.  Working off site would require the use of personal phone, computer and other necessary equipment.
    Local travel is required.  Parking is ample and free at all locations.  Producer would need to use own vehicle, however, public transportation is available and close to all locations.
    Training will be provided by theatre professionals and the Artistic Director. Producer will get the reward of being in charge and seeing successful end product, as well as working with great creative people of all ages.  EVCT will provide a t-shirt from each show worked on, show tickets, and recognition in our production programs.
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