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  • Capital Opportunity Program

  • The Mesa Chamber Capital Opportunity Program is a new and unique tool used by our members and others to help bridge a critical gap between the needs of business in Mesa for capital and the resources that are available from them to acquire it.

    • The program features financial partners that work closely with the Chamber to help create opportunities for referral.
    • The program also educates and collaborates with businesses on funding opportunities in other areas, including grants, angel investing and others.
    • Businesses looking for Capital are guided through a process to prepare their request, then connected to the potential sources that provide the best chance for a successful conclusion.
    • An interested business DOES NOT need to be a Chamber member to participate.
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  • Goals of this Program:

    • Increase capital investment among Chamber member businesses
    • Increase the successful Capital Opportunity process for participating institutions
    • Create positive dialogue in the community surrounding Mesa's creative business class as an enticement for new businesses to move to Mesa
    • Create accurate reporting on investment within Mesa that can be used to encourage new Chamber membership and growth
  •  Benefits of this Program:

    • Create opportunities for referral that benefit the financial and business segments
    • Stimulate Mesa's economy with increased capital movement
    • Create a measurable assessment of Mesa's capital movement and economic growth
  • Participation is Easy:

    • Schedule a time to meet with Phillip Young (see below)
    • Based on the results of your interview and session work, complete the items identified
    • Once complete, Phillip facilitates a warm introduction to the institutions and others that are deemed the best fit for your opportunity

    Director of Financial Programming:
    Phillip Young

    Beginning your journey to grow your business is as easy as reaching out to Phillip. Through his unique role, Phillip's goals include:

    • Accessing and documenting existing Capital Opportunities for Mesa
    • Build and implement an intake process for potential program participants
    • Utilizing the relationship opportunity for a mutually beneficial outcome

    For more information, please contact Phillip at (480) 267-2503 or email him at pyoung@mesachamber.org

    Email Phillip  

  • Thank you to our current Program partners: