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1135 N. Recker Rd.; #107, Mesa, AZ, 85205


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About The Pickle Guild

If you look at the pickleball market as a whole, there are far more players than courts at this point, particularly courts that are indoors and with optimal playing conditions. The Pickle Guild wants to provide players with indoor courts that have the outdoor surface they are accustomed to. This way, they have the best of both worlds – outdoor play with indoor conditions – perfect for play!

The Pickle Guild aims to provide two key components for what they believe makes a great indoor pickleball club. The first is having programming/events for all levels to enjoy. The fastest-growing segment of the pickleball playing population is the beginner segment and they want them to feel welcome with events and experiences which help them begin their pickleball journey. They are also aware that there are many great, high-level players out there who want challenging games when they show up to play. They have built their daily activities around this – something for everyone.

The second key component is a great culture/club experience. Playing at The Pickle Guild will be fun, high-energy, and engaging for everyone who comes through their doors. This will be delivered by their skillful staff whose singular goal every day is to ensure every player who comes through their doors is greeted and offered a great playing experience.

The Pickle Guild is a new company. They opened their first facility on Recker Rd. and Brown Rd. in February 2024. Their growth and development came from interviewing many individuals who play this game and asking them what they want from an indoor pickleball facility. They are the people who know best so it makes sense to listen to them and build around their thoughts!

Company Values

The Pickle Guild shares four values: honesty, customer centric, ownership, and fun.

Honesty: If they don’t know an answer, they will tell you they don’t know the answer but will find it out for you. People respond to that approach.

Customer Centric: Having guests walk through their doors is foundational to their business doing well and as such, each customer needs to know and feel how valued they are to their team.

Ownership: They own their mistakes and successes. They know they will make mistakes. What sets them apart is how they respond to their mistakes – they will own them, learn from them, and move forward together having learned from them.

Fun: This is an indoor pickleball, it better be a fun place to be! Fun times matter to them. The Pickle Guild will be the spot to play indoor pickleball thanks to their energetic staff and first-class courts. Fun is a core value!

The Pickle Guild is excited to be part of the Mesa business community and is eager to know other businesses in the area. The best way to succeed is to connect with others in this area who can share best practices and experiences on how to serve the Mesa residents. They want to provide a great service and hope to connect to as many people as possible!

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