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About Charter One

Charter One is an Education Management Organization that partners with more than forty charter schools nationwide, providing comprehensive support services that enable schools to prioritize academic excellence. They offer various services, including human resources, information technology, marketing, finance, transportation, operations, facilities management, and more. One of their notable client schools is American Leadership Academy in Arizona, where they help create a thriving educational environment that includes a values-based curriculum in a moral and wholesome environment.

Charter One’s comprehensive and customized approach to education management allows charter schools to prioritize academic achievement while they support operational complexities. Their unique model integrates a full spectrum of services tailored to each school’s specific needs. Their proven track record with schools like American Leadership Academy showcases their commitment to creating an environment where students excel.

Charter One was established in 2017, but their roots go back to 1997 when their founder opened a charter school in Queen Creek that later became American Leadership Academy (ALA) in 2009. As ALA flourished, a demand emerged for more schools like it, both in Arizona and nationwide. This led to the creation of Charter One, which initially managed a few schools in Arizona. Seven years later, they proudly serve client schools nationwide, continually expanding their reach and impact in education.

Company Values and Mission

Charter One’s core values are encapsulated in the acronym R.A.I.S.E: Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service, and Excellence. These values are the company’s foundation, guiding their daily decisions and actions. They foster respectful and accountable relationships, uphold the highest standards of integrity, and are dedicated to exceptional service. Their commitment to excellence ensures that every school they manage embodies these values, creating environments where students can thrive and become future leaders.

At Charter One, their mission is to support families by providing the best education to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment. Ensuring access to quality education at a tuition-free cost is their top priority, and they are proud that families consistently choose Charter One-managed schools for their children. They are dedicated to fostering academic excellence and creating thriving educational communities nationwide.

Contact Information

6913 E. Rembrandt Ave, Mesa, AZ, 85212

(480) 420-2101

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