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Mesa Chamber President and CEO Sally Harrison at Next Phase

Retail Incubator Entrepreneurs Wanted!

About Next Phase

Next Phase is a program of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce Foundation intended to create, educate, and promote a new generation of retail talent and business owners in Mesa, Arizona.

In partnership with Superstition Springs Center, several educational institutions, and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce’s large membership base, the program provides a practical environment for entrepreneurs to formulate their new retail concept. It also provides existing retail business owners a space to strengthen skill sets in areas they may recognize as opportunities.

Combining three important elements: an actual customer-facing storefront, a co-working space located on-site, and effective business training, the program works to empower a new generation of “legacy businesses” for Mesa.

Unique Learning Opportunities

World-class workshops from Mesa Community College, Park University, Benedictine University, and University of Phoenix meant to strengthen your skill set across all parts of retail business experience.

Retailing Access

Superstition Springs Center provides a powerful audience for entrepreneurs. Hone all aspects of your retail footprint, from merchandising to customer service to ordering and inventory and beyond.

Access to 1,000+ Members

The Mesa Chamber’s 1,000+ members stand ready to share their practical business knowledge and experience.

Not Alone

Your Cohort members are your team, helping and sharing knowledge and opportunities.


Reach out today and schedule a time to learn more about the program and how eligible businesses can apply:

Bob Nelson, Director of Communications
Mesa Chamber of Commerce
(480) 969-1307

Take a Tour of Next Phase with Sally