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About Us

With a history that extends more than 110 years, the Mesa Chamber of Commerce has come a long way. The Chamber continues to bring top of the line networking opportunities to the community. Witnessing the growth and expansion of Mesa has given the Chamber more motivation to stay ahead of the curve and offer effective, up to trend events and programs throughout the years.


The Mesa Chamber of Commerce is the recognized resource and celebrated leader for the Mesa business community.


The Mesa Chamber of Commerce exists to Improve, Promote and Advocate for businesses in Mesa.

Benefits of Membership

Joining the Chamber provides you with a powerful partner to help your business be successful! Whether it's starting a new business in Mesa, moving your existing business to Mesa or taking the business you already have in Mesa to a new level of success, let us show you what we can do for you.

Programs and Events

Each year, the Chamber facilitates over 400 events and programs to make sure you have the best chance to network with other business professionals, expand your professional network and explore new client opportunities. In addition, through unique events such as Mesa Morning Live, you can continue to stay connected to the people and places that are important in our community.

Government Affairs

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce is the preeminent voice of the business industry in Arizona’s third largest municipality. Learn more about the Policy Priorities we have identified as paramount to the success of the business community in Mesa

Business Directory

Everywhere you turn, the message of "buy local" rings loud and clear. You can be sure that by using the Mesa Chamber business directory, you are looking for businesses committed to the long term health and success of Mesa.