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Welcome to our Heroes Remembered fundraising campaign; this effort is dedicated to honoring the brave men and women of Mesa’s Fire Department.

Each day, these dedicated individuals leave for work expecting everything to be okay, and their families eagerly await their return after each shift. Unfortunately, not all heroes come back home.

This memorial is a testament to the compassion and selflessness displayed by these fallen firefighters, who gave their lives to protect and serve others. It is a space where families, friends, and our community can gather to remember and pay tribute to Mesa’s heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.

About the Fundraiser

We invite you to join, the City of Mesa, United Mesa Fire Fighters, East Valley Firefighter Charities, Mesa Public Safety Foundation, and the Mesa Chamber of Commerce to commemorate the extraordinary contributions of our fallen our brothers and sisters. Your support will help create a lasting memorial that honors the sacrifice or our public safety professionals and their unwavering commitment to serving our others. Let’s ensure their legacy lives on; please join us in creating this solemn space together by helping us meet our fundraising goal of $200,000 for Phase I.

Upcoming Events

2024 Line of Duty Death Ceremony

January 30 9:00 a.m. 305 E. 2nd Street

Brick Fundraiser

By purchasing a legacy brick, not only will you honor brave firefighters, but you will also make a lasting impact on the grounds of the memorial. These commemorative bricks will be placed around the memorial and serve as a symbol of remembrance and gratitude. With prices starting at $150, this limited-time opportunity can include a replica brick for personal display. Space is limited, so please act now to secure your place in this meaningful endeavor.

Together, We Build a Stronger Future.

Mesa’s Fallen Firefighters

John Owens, End of Watch: 2/11/1947 

Winston West, End of Watch: 2/11/1947 

Jack Stevens, End of Watch: 6/30/1986 

Charles Inman, Endo of Watch: 12/16/1991

Gary Peters, End of Watch: 9/28/1997 

Carl Shoemaker, End of Watch: 2/7/2001 

John Delaney, End of Watch: 3/17/2008 

John Jayne, End of Watch: 7/20/2014 

Nikki Sullivan, End of Watch: 4/3/2019 

Trevor Madrid, End of Watch: 11/14/2021

Supporting the Effort

  • Your first step is to place the order for your brick. That is done at THIS WEBSITE.
    • Once placed, the Mesa Chamber Foundation will send you an invoice for your order.
    • On Completion of your payment, the organizing team will keep in contact with you regarding

    Larger Gifts

    To discuss making a larger gift in support of the Memorial, please reach out to Shannon Heinze, working on behalf of the Foundation in the Fundraiser. Message Shannon Here.