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Business Referral Groups

A Business Referral Group is a way to grow your business and experience a more intimate networking opportunity. Participating in such a group provides you with the chance to connect with local professionals in one of Mesa's four regional groups: Central Mesa, Riverview, Superstition, Virtual East, and Virtual West.  Every group includes one representative member of each industry, fully acounting for the broad spectrum of businesses in Mesa. The purpose of this program is to share relevant leads to those within the group, increasing clientele and boosting business within the local community. Ultimately, the Mesa Chamber Business Referral Groups were formed to encourage relationship building, increase referral rates, and support local business owners and employees.



BRG members are expected to remain engaged and consistently attend weekly meetings. Due to the groups' capacity costraints, if an individual is repeatedly absent, members can be removed from the group. However, while the Chamber understands the time commitment that comes with referrals groups, this unique structure has proven to be effective and beneficial to its members.


The Mesa Chamber's business referral groups are limited in capacity as each group only contains one member associated to each industry, minimizing competition and increasing professional comradery. However, there are exceptions to this rule which will be decided by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce before entering one of the five regional groups.

Goals and Objectives

Business referral groups maximize members' time by follow a very structured schedule. In order to maintain a functioning level of efficiency, a guide of discussion is dictated to ensure that all members have a chance to speak. To guarantee results from this group, a general referral quota is also required of all members.


In order to be considered or be placed on a wait list for a business referral group, contact:

Linda Haskell (480)-969-1307, ext. 13