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  • Chamber Facility Rental

  • The Mesa Chamber of Commerce have two rooms available to hold various business meetings or events, the Board Room and the Meeting Room.

    The Board Room

    • seats 40  -  $75, member; $250, non-members – up to 8 hours

    Meeting Room 

    • seats 12-16 -  $25, members; $100, non-members – up to 8 hours

    Usage Guidelines

    • Chamber will not schedule more than 3 months of recurring meetings at any one time.
    • Meetings or events must take place during regular business hours (8:00 am-5:00 pm).
    • Any evening events must be pre-approved by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce staff.
    • Rooms are not available for use on the weekend.
    • The Mesa Chamber of Commerce requires at least a 48-hour notice prior to renting a room.

    Food and Beverage:

    Food and beverages are allowed in either of our rooms, but the food that is provided during the event must be provided by a current member of the Chamber. List of available caterers available on request. The renting party is responsible for any and all supplies used during the event. The renting party is also responsible for the disposal of all trash that was created by attendees of their event.


     Alcohol is not permitted.


    Prices and fees are determined by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce at the time of rental inquiry and to be paid no later than the date of the room use.

    Care of Rooms:

    You may rearrange the furniture in both rooms, excluding the table in the meeting room, but you must put all furniture back where you originally found it. All trash should be taken to the dumpster outside. If the room is not left in presentable condition, as determined by the Mesa Chamber of Commerce staff, there will be a fee assessed and an invoice will be sent to the renting party.


    Parking is available on the second floor of the parking structure attached to the building. The spaces will be designated with a white and green sign showing Mesa Chamber of Commerce parking.

  • Mesa Chamber MemberShare Events

    Available to members of the Mesa Chamber of Commerce in good standing, MemberShare events are events organized by members utilizing the Chamber's facility and utilize the Chamber's vast promotional resources, including:

    • Having the event listed on the Chamber's Event Calendar in addition to the Member Event Calendar
    • Having the event promoted through the Monday Message, the Chamber's weekly message of upcoming Chamber events
    • Promotion of the event through the Chamber's Social Media Channels

    Additional fees apply to register an event as a MemberShare Event.