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Nonprofit Vitality Council

The NPVC aims to identify the needs of the community and help fulfill the missions of each nonprofit organization. Accordingly, the Nonprofit Vitality Council exists to exchange practices and determine how to deliver resources more effectively in the city of Mesa.  

Previously, this committee has directed attention towards addressing the challenges of COVID-19 and determining the operational adjustments needed to continue to protect employees and agencies.  In addition to the pressing issues of the pandemic, past topics have included nonprofit-specific marketing, social media promotion strategies, and grant writing assistance. Available to both non-profit organizations and for-profit businesses with any necessary goods or services, this committee continuously strives to foster a collaborative environment with like-minded people seeking to help others.

When This Committee Meets

This committee meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month with an agenda of topics and opportunities to engage the community. See upcoming meetings in the Chamber Event Calendar.

How to Be a Part of the Committee

Contact Mesa Chamber President and CEO, Sally Harrison, at