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Welcome to the Mesa Chamber of Commerce

With a rich history of more than 130 years, the Mesa Chamber of Commerce has remained committed in bringing top-of-the-line networking opportunities to the community. Existing to improve, promote, and advocate for businesses in Mesa, the Chamber offers a wide variety of programs and events throughout the year to ensure local success.

The Chamber's Vision

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce is the recognized resource and celebrated leader for the Mesa business community.

The Chamber's Mission

The Mesa Chamber of Commerce exists to Improve, Promote and Advocate for businesses in Mesa.

Welcome to the Mesa Chamber!

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Find a place to belong with a variety of networking events at any time of day and for any type of business.

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Engage with a cause that resonates with your business by becoming involved in one of our Chamber committees.

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Generate leads and grow your business with our industry specific Business Referral Groups.

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Become a leader and influence the Mesa business community with advertising opportunities throughout the Chamber.

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The Mesa Chamber Blog

The Journey to Realign Your Life

In 2020, Realign Your Life Wellness began the journey of bringing the first Harmonic Eggs to Mesa. The journey would affect every aspect of Jean and Steve Hanson’s life from their diet and exercise to their daily practices. Their journey resulted in a change to Jean and Steve’s own cellular foundations. The Hanson’s started out…

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Mesa College Promise: Backpacks and School Supplies

We thought we would share a fall message from the Coordinator for the Mesa College Promise program. My name is Lisa Cartwright-Harris, and I am the Education and Workforce Coordinator for the City of Mesa. As part of my role, I am the city’s liaison for the Mesa College Promise, an initiative created by Mayor…

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Theft by Extortion

Imagine a typical would-be customer walking into your business. This person steps up to your counter and demands something for free and goes even further. The person then goes after your reputation by threatening to leave a scathing online review if the person does not get something for free. This act of theft by extortion…

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The Mesa Chamber Member Extension Blog