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  • 2019 Mesa Chamber Referral Contest!

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    Hello, #TeamMesaChamber!
       We, at the Chamber, have had a great 2019 and we hope you have as well. As we close out 2019, we wanted to give one last push to hit one of our goals that has been nagging at us for some time, and that is to hit 1,000 members.

    We Need Your Help!

       We have been steadily adding new members and moving upwards, but we wanted to see if we all could come together and do one final push to make the last 3 weeks of Susan Tychman's 2019 completely crazy and add 161 new members before the 31st.
       Please consider running through your list of clients, suppliers and other contacts, and drop them a phone call, email or other note and let them know it's a great time to be a chamber member. With all that the Chamber is facilitating right now, from community-based initiatives to business growth and education efforts, it only makes sense that any business in or doing business in Mesa be a part of that momentum for their own benefit.

    We've Got Some Things to Say "Welcome"!

       If they do join and dues are paid before December 31, we have some cool stuff for them. We'll give them 3 months of banner advertising on the Chamber's home page ($375 value). In the infamous words of your favorite late-night TV infomercial- "But wait, there's more".  We’ve put together a collection of Chamber Advertising services that we will draw the names of these new members to receive – prizes will include:
    1x Free tabletop at Mesa Morning Live ($65 value)
    1x Podcast w/ Chamber CEO Sally Harrison ($95 Value)
    1x Upgrade: Make the free 3 months a 1 Year banner Ad ($1,250 value)
    1x Free bag Insert at Aviation Fascination 2020 ($70 value)
    1X Chamber office free conference room rental ($75 value)
    We've Got Some Things to Say "Thank-You" To You as Well!
       Certainly, we would not want to leave you out of this effort, so we put together a collection of things YOU can win as well by referring new business to the Chamber. Now, all of this is IN ADDITION to the Chamber Bucks you would normally receive for a referral, so think of this is the frosting on your cake, the gravy on your turkey or the... well, you get the point. For each new member that you refer that joins and is paid by December 31, you receive one entry in the drawing for the prizes below.
    1x Tabletop at 2020 Aviation fascination ($250 value)
    1x Tabletop at Business Roundup ($150 value)
    3x Tabletops at MML in 2020 “100th Episode Year” ($195 value)
    2 Prizes 6x months banner ad, left side bar ($534 value)
    3 prizes- 1x year banner ad, top of site ($1,250 value)
    3 prizes- 1x podcast with Chamber CEO Sally Harrison ($95 value)
    5 Prizes- 1x Bag insert at Aviation Fascination ($70 value)
    1x ½ Page Ad- Annual Awards Dinner Program ($250 value)
    3 Prizes- 1X Free Conference Room Rental ($75 value)
    For those of you that are competitive, I know there might be one two of you :), for each 10 or more successful referrals, you earn 5 extra entries in the drawing. AND, the single member that provides the MOST successful referrals (minimum of 10), gets a "Top of Site" Banner Add that will run, for free- 1 year for each 10 successful referrals that you have provided.

    So, How Can You help?

    Simple, utilize your existing contact list, reach out to them and ask them

    • If they are an existing Chamber member.
    • If not, let them know, there are some great reasons to join, would they mind if I had a chamber person reach out you with more information?
    • Share your experience, whether it's been
      • At events like Mesa Morning Live or Aviation Fascination as an attendee or participant
      • Through Committees like Government Affairs, Mesa Industry and Defense Council, Non Profit Vitality Council, Mesa Financial network or the new Mesa Chamber Health and Aging Committee.
      • If you helped with the Hydration Campaign or the Turkey Drive or the Souper Bowl or other community efforts, share the community spirit that you as a member help to build.
      • Talk about the relationships you've built, the people you know and how you've help build not just your business, but other business in Mesa.
      • Remember the Affinity Program benefits, the new Health Care Initiative, the great Office Depot/Officemax discount, Sprint savings and more
      • Tell them they get a physical listing in the Chamber's Compass magazine that is delivered to 22,000 homes through the Arizona Republic.
      • Make sure they understand that their Chamber directory listing is a huge advantage, because Mesa Chamber.org is accessed 5,000 times a month and it is a Mesa based audience looking for Mesa Based business.
    Who makes a Good Referral?
    Remember, this is not a wish list of whom you want to see become a Chamber member, but warm leads that you have broached the topic and shared with them they reasons they should be a Chamber member.
    • If they do business with you, they should consider Chamber membership. Suppliers, vendors, contractors- any of the 360 degrees of support your business receives from other businesses.
    • Peers, partners, fellow industry professionals. Look to your circle of peers and professional relationships, those would also benefit from Chamber Membership.
    • What services do you use personally? Lawn care, restaurants, retail locations, Contracting Services, professional services, legal services. All of these businesses will benefit from Chamber membership.

    What do they do to Join?

    To join, and receive the bonus for joining during the contest, have them message Membership Director Susan Tychman, or fill out the Become A Member form. We ask that they be a warm referral, so they know Susan is reaching out to them. If you have ALOT of referrals (more than 5 at once), check in with Chamber CEO Sally Harrison to coordinate making sure that we get them all addressed.
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