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  • In support of the effort to combat the current pandemic, The Mesa Chamber of Commerce has made some changes to our operation.

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  • Adding a Hot Deal to your Chamber Account

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    Adding a Hot Deal is a quick and easy way to show members and non-members that you are serious about growing your business. With extended reach by cross posting to our social media as well as inclusion in our Member Newsdesk email, we reach tens of thousands of potential customers.

    How to submit a Hot Deal or Member to member deal
    1. Log in to the Member information center
    2. Click on Hot Deals or Member to Member Deals on the left hand shortcuts list.
    3. Once the Hot Deals or Member to member page you can see the current hot deals, Add Hot Deal or Manage Hot Deal.
    4. Click Add Hot Deal
    • Enter in the Title
    • Enter in a Tagline or your motto
    • Select a Category from the list of available categories.
    • Enter in the Details of the Hot Deal Description – In the description box you can enter in the full details of the Hot Deal
    • The Short Description if a small bit of information you can share when your Hot Deal is being shown in list format on the website.
    • The Offer Start Date and Offer End Date are how long the offer is good for.
    • Search Results Logo – In this area you can add in your company logo. This will be seen when the Hot Deals are being seen in list form on the website.
    • Contact – You can enter in the Email Address that should be used when someone would like additional information. The Email Link Text is the custom test you can add to cover your email address. For example in the Email Link Text you can enter click here to email your questions.
    • Website Address – This is the where you can add in a URL for them to visit to get more information. This could be your home page or a specific page of your website. Website Link Text allows for custom text to appear instead of the URL.
    • Phone – This is the phone number you would like listed on the Hot Deal
    • Active Dates – This is the length of time you would like the Hot Deal to run on the website. Publish Start Date is the date that the Hot Deal will first appear on the website, and Publish End Date is the last day that it will appear. This date may be different than the Offer Start and End dates. An example of how you would use these two is if the offer is good for one month, but you only want to make it available to print for two weeks.
    • Once you have all of the fields populated you can either choose Save as Draft which saves it in the MIC, and you can come in and make changes before submitting it for approval, or you could choose Submit and it will be sent to the chamber/association for review and approval. Cancel will cancel the creation without saving.
    To manage your Hot Deals or Member to Member Deals.
    In either option you can click the Manage button and this will open up your Current and past Hot Deals or Member to Member Deals. This area will also allow you to see what is active and what is still pending
    approval from your Chamber.

    In Video: Click here: http://www.screencast.com/t/gBoeSjJUw
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